The pure joy of walking: An Alexander Technique teacher’s morning thoughts

A few days ago I was sent a video of my one-year-old nephew taking his first steps. I was struck by the pure joy that he expressed as he laughed with delight every time he picked himself up from the floor and was able to take a few steps, his postural balance developing at every new attempt.

As I was walking through Burgess Park (my local SE London much-loved green space) this morning, I thought about that delight in walking and I began actively directing my own walking through my Alexander Technique Directions. Letting my neck be free from tension to allow my head to release upwards to let my trunk lengthen and my back widen.

I immediately could feel the difference this thinking was making on my steps. Freed from compression from above, my legs were responding with renewed springiness. I felt myself walk with more ease and flexibility. My knees bending effortlessly and my ankles and feet flexing smoothly. Walking suddenly became more enjoyable.

Even after years of practicing and teaching the Alexander Technique myself, I am constantly rediscovering my joy in such everyday activities. And walking is just one of many everyday and yet essential actions that can be improved by better coordinating the use of our body.

If you want to learn how you can do what you do better, give me a call and talk with me about how the Alexander Technique can change that for you.

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