Smart Phone! Smart Posture? My thoughts…

Text Neck – A problem of the modern age

Text neck, or tech neck is the term used to describe the pain and damage caused to the neck, back and spine from constantly looking down at electronic devices. It is one of the most common causes of back pain and headaches and is an epidemic affecting even young children.

Antonella Cavallone, back expert and Alexander Technique teacher, says: “Back pain is already one of the biggest causes of absenteeism in the workplace. This is now being compounded with the additional symptoms associated with people looking down at devices for too long.”

In the short term, users tend to suffer with stiff necks and shoulders but long term, the unseen damage can become more serious, resulting in disc degeneration and prolonged pain.

What to do?

The Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique (STAT) chose this theme for the 2016 International Alexander Technique Awareness Week: Smart phone! Smart posture?

Says Antonella: “As an Alexander Technique teacher my aim is to promote and educate people into adopting a better postural balance. To prevent the impact of text neck, it is recommended to drop your eyes to the device first and then to gently tip your head at the top of your neck, instead of habitually dropping your head and neck forward and collapsing down through the torso.”

To learn how to use your body with less strain and effort, why not book an introductory lesson in the Alexander Technique?

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